Saturday, August 19, 2017

Class Materials Reminder

What to bring to choir class next week:

1" black binder - yes, it should be black and undecorated. Please put your name on the INSIDE front cover in sharpie marker.

Pencil with eraser


Sunday, August 6, 2017

No Bear-a-Tones boot camp Aug 9-11

Please note that the Bear-a-Tones "boot camp" scheduled for August 9-11 has been canceled.  We will get started on the first day of school and may reschedule for a weekend retreat after we have auditioned to fill two open positions.

Looking forward to seeing you all! - Ms. Blackwood

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Spring Final Exam Study Guide

Click here to download a study guide for the spring final exam.

Link to Quizlet study set.

Link to Aural Recognition skills practice ["Ear Training']:

The music preparation portion of the final should have already be completed:  Name on the paper, numbering measures, and writing Solfege in Count on Me.

Final Exam Schedule:

  • Tuesday, 5/23 - Periods 1, 2, & 3
  • Wednesday, 5/24 - Periods 4, 5, & 6

Congratulations to Concert Choir & Bear-a-Tones!

Congratulations to our Bartlett Bear-a-Tones and Concert Choir student who competed this weekend in the state championship vocal solo and ensemble at UAA!  While we did not receive any command performance nominations this year, all three performances earned the highest ranking of “Superior.” 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Graduation Day information for 9th-11th graders

(Please click here to download a copy of the memo sent home with students.)

Important Info for 9th-11th Graders Only:
  • See below for graduation ceremony schedule
  • All 9th-11th grade choir students are required to ride the bus to Sullivan Arena in the morning. No 9th-11th grade choir student will be allowed to drive to Sullivan Arena.
  • If you do not show up for classes that morning and ride the bus with the group in the morning, you will not be allowed to perform at graduation.
  • If your parent will be picking you up to take you home from Sullivan Arena, you must provide a parent/guardian-signed note about this.  Absolutely no student may leave from Sullivan Arena without a parent present and a parent/guardian-signed note.  This is for your safety.
  • This could be a long day. You should bring a book to read or something else to work on during down times.
UPDATES 5/15/2017:

  • All choir students will be required to sit with the group until the conclusion of the ceremony. This is by request of the Bartlett graduation coordinators and for the purpose of not disrupting the flow of the ceremony.  If this is unacceptable to you, please notify Ms. Blackwood immediately that you will be transporting your student and that they will not be performing at graduation.
  • Please show respect for the wishes of the administration and for all the graduating students by greeting and congratulating your graduate AFTER the conclusion of the ceremony. This is so that all students' names may be heard by their friends and families as they walk across the stage.

Groups and Songs:
Concert Choir & Bear-a-Tones = National Anthem
All Combined Choirs = Count on Me


9:15 am
Pick up your choir robe and stole from the choir room
ALL 9th-11th grade choir students
9:25 am
Meet at the announced door for attendance and to board the busses
ALL 9th-11th grade choir students
9:30 am
All busses leave for Sullivan Arena
10:00 am
Graduation rehearsal/run-through
Lunch time
Eat lunch (provided)
1:45 pm
Back in places with robes/stoles on ready for ceremony
ALL 9th-11th grade choir students
2:00-3:30 pm
Graduation Ceremony
3:30 pm
Hang up choir robes and stoles on rolling racks
ALL 9th-11th grade choir students
3:35 pm
Board the busses or wait for the bus
4:30 pm
Will be back at Bartlett H.S. no later than this
Commencement Program
George M. Sullivan ArenaWednesday, May 17, 2017, 2 p.m.

Processional.“Pomp and Circumstance”Bartlett Symphonic Band, Jane Henry, Director

Presentation of Colors.Army JROTC Color Guard

Star Spangled Banner..Bear-a-Tones & Concert ChoirBy Francis Scott Key, Arr.By R.Robinson Laura Blackwood, Director

Lord of the Dance.Bartlett Combined Band & OrchestraBy Ronan Hardiman Jane Henry/Michael Preskit, Directors

Master of Ceremonies.Chloe Neslund

Commencement Address.Forrest Dunbar, Anchorage Assembly

Senior Class Speaker.Armstrong J.Tevaseu

Count on Me.Bartlett Combined ChoirsBy Bruno Mars, Ari Levine & Philip Lawrence, Arr.By Janet Day

Class of 2017 Valedictorian.Maren Chadwick

Faculty Speaker.Alysyn Thibault English Language Arts Instructor

Introduction of Class.Sean PrinceBartlett High School Principal

Presentation of Class.Dr.Deena BishopAnchorage School District Superintendent

Acceptance of Class.Bettye DavisAnchorage School Board

Presentation of Diplomas.Sean PrinceBartlett High School Principal

Roll Call.Bartlett Staff MembersRobert Bailey, Val Barber, Tom Barnet, Lauri King, Mike Lanzarone, Sheryl Adams, Marnie Hartill, Warren Rhodes

Tassel Ceremony.Maren Chadwick

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

2017 ASAA Solo and Ensemble Information

Thank you for carpooling and assisting each other with transportation.  If you are allowing your student to ride with another student or parent driver, please send a signed note to Ms. Blackwood regarding this.  It is imperative that students are on time so their team is not waiting for them to begin warm-ups.  You may wish to pick them up from Bartlett a little early to avoid end of the school day traffic.  Please make sure to notify the office if you are picking them up early.

The competition during the day at UAA is open to friends and family, free of charge.  Formal concert etiquette must be followed. Absolutely no cheering or yelling in the performance rooms is allowed.  Unless they love to sit quietly for long periods of time, small children will probably not enjoy attending these performances or the evening concerts.

Please pick up students at UAA for the dinner break and take them to East H.S. at the listed time each day.

Students are expected to attend both command performance concerts. Unless they are performing, students may wear dressy-casual clothing to the concerts. Participating students and chaperones are admitted free with their ASAA participant badge. There is a $10 admission fee for adults and $5 for other students at the door each night. Parents, please let Ms. Blackwood know either via email or a written note by 2:00 Friday if you would like to be one of our four chaperones.

If you are not attending the concerts, please arrive back at East High School to pick up your student(s) no later than the listed concert end time. Students may not be left unattended to wait for rides after the concert is over.

As always, please check the choir website for all details or contact Ms. Blackwood with any questions. Thank you!

2:15 pm                  All meet in UAA Fine Arts Building lobby – warm-ups will be upstairs
3:20                          Room 150 – Hotaru Koi – Bear-a-Tones – Attire is concert black
3:30                          Room 150 – Kyrie – Concert Ensemble – Attire is concert black
3:40-5:00              Watch other performances
5:00-6:00              Dinner break, change clothes (optional), and travel to East H.S.
6:30                          Meet in East High School Commons (6:00 if any commands awarded)
7:30-9:30              East High School Auditorium – Command Performance Concert 1

11:30 am               Bear-a-Tones meet in UAA Fine Arts Building lobby – warm-ups will be upstairs
12:40 pm               Room 220 – The New Girl in Town – Bear-a-Tones – Attire is show choir dresses
1:00-2:30              Watch other performances
2:30-5:30              Dinner break, change clothes (optional), and travel to East H.S.
6:00                          Meet in East High School Commons (5:30 if any commands awarded)

7:00-9:00              East High School Auditorium – Command Performance Concert 2